The annual meeting of the

 Kentucky State Police Retiree's Organization

Held at Frankfort  -  Sep 12-13, 2008


Ray McCarty                   James Brien                           W.O. Bradley

Norman and Cindy Arflack                            Charlie Johnson

Janet VanMeter                                 Shirley Hunt                        

Carrolyn Hankins     Joyce Humkey             Debra Gripshover        Lola Gay

Jo Ann Fortner                                                       George Arflack

Joan and David Burklow

Carol and Orlester Mahoney

Paul Hankins                                                      Marvin Franklin

Jim Tipton               Charlie Johnson            David Patterson

James Brien

Carol Mahoney providing the entertainment after the banquet

Sheridan Cole                                                 Jim McRae

J.D. and Anna Lee Boyle

Lois and Ralph Cline

                                                      George Frost           Harold Elliston

Paul and Carrolyn Hankins

Jim Evans                        Curtis Wood

Bo Stone                                                                                   

Harold Elliston                       Steve Wolfzorn

Ray and Linda McCarty

Steve Wolfzorn                                                 Dale Cross

Debra and David Gripshover

Dale Cross                   Rob Elliott                          Bill Jones     Steve Wolfzorn

Jim Evans

Dave Burklow                             Harold Elliston

George Arflack

David Gripshover                                        George Frost

Jack Evans                                       Dave Burklow                           

Dale Cross                               Dale and Jo Ann Fortner                                   

                     Bob Scott                                   David Gripshover

Bill Jones                  David VanMeter            Ron Hunt

Bobby Hawkins

John Barton                     Norman Arflack          W.O. Bradley

Curtis Wood

Rob Elliott                                               David Gripshover

Steve Wolfzorn

Teresa Barton     Cindy Arflack

Donnie Mulligan                         Teresa Barton             Bill Jones                    

Ron Hunt                                                John Barton         

Ralph Cline                                         Charlie Elder

Linda McCarty

Bob Breeze                                                    John Humkey

Clyde Wyatt             Joe Breeze                                          

Donnie Mulligan     Clyde Wyatt   Dale Cross    Jo Ann Ray

Ron Hunt                     Harold Elliston                

Norman Arflack


Cindy Arflack    Rodney Brewer              Norman Arflack

David VanMeter                  Bill Starks                  

Ray and Linda McCarty          Lois and Ralph Cline


Shirley Hunt     Linda Jones       Janet VanMeter

 Debra Gripshover  Rudolph Green   J.D. and Anna Lee Boyle      Ruth Ann Unker

George Arflack     ?                   Bill and Betty Starks            Jo Ann and Dale Fortner      Sheridon Cole

Mareka Scott                               David and Debra Gripshover


Mareka Scott       Harold Elliston                           Debra Gripshover

Clyde Wyatt                                                Bill Starks                  Lois Cline

Joe Breeze         Bob Holloway    Jim Evans       John Humkey    James Brien

Bob Breeze         Joe Breeze           David Patterson     Jim Evans

Jim Evans                            Joe Breeze                David Patterson

Mareka and Bob Scott                                            Charlie Johnson

Pat Patterson                        Jim Tipton                     Anna Lee Boyle

Anna Lee and J.D. Boyle

W.O. Bradley                                 Charlie Johnson

Sam King and Betty Coffey

Norman Arflack                                                  Dave Burklow

Bobby Hawkins                                            David VanMeter

Dave Burklow                                 Harold Elliston

Todd Henson                                                  David Gripshover

Jack Evans

Mareka Scott     Steve Wolfzorn                                     Bob Scott

Todd Henson                                 Dale and Jo Ann Fortner

Lois Cline                                           Colleen Bradley

 Ben and Teresa Elder